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My old tweets squeezed through a Markov chain

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Just witnessed DPD delivering something by dropping it through an open world version of Trailblazer, it needed an MMU. 儭 I'm not sure. Once in Tesco earlier and came across this abomination. Love Island but with determination and an Emoji. Either that or there are and I'M NOT WHO YOU THINK YOU'VE EMAILED!

Almost exactly the same thing. You live on planet Gareth. Lots of people adding me on Twitter all the credits start, giving not quite right but probably that too. So each section will be half that. All the result was 256. Not sure how to prove who they are? I found a pretty planet at the weekend. He disappears during the night?

I think this is a bit bored of listening to this where I worked. My other computer has randomly added Korean to the world's gayest biscuits. Saying that, he's still running in a TV in Scotland?! Nice to see them. Need to set up to and page down I feel compelled to reply to any Burger King in England, and exercise your mouth out.

Now, if only the half-dead watch Whittle! By the time still wrong. Why does the consumer tech stuff, which I haven't even fallen down the tip. That's not good, hoping for a train I'm glued to C4's having just checked it and making it easy! I got the card reader, Sir. If you don't want to arrive any minute with a side order of magnitude cheaper.

I hear some rumblings and I answered no to the kitchen. Hides most of the prizes is a more obvious shoe-in for a flamingo. Say what u like about Britain, we have general access horus. Dan would have been tweaked recently - so I put in complete nonsense as answers to the Yes/No button, or or or...

Just received a text simultaneously offering me a tenner though and Virgin 1 was a bit of effort at least. For something which is rubbish. At that price I'd hope that gets through because I don't like white chocolate. When it's less than a glorified calculator, and far bigger than others :S Gah!

Mine is still glowing. Prince Charles is in German? No, I'm suggesting that replying drive safe when somebody is cackling like mad outside. As least the world really has gone way off the window fully & move curtains out of old desktop icons is called The Working Spectrum? There appears to work pronto.

Wtf?! Actually it's probably an entire plate of American TV here too, but subtitled European drama is becoming ever more popular! I think it was just my pants, crying into a right mess of my dad's A600. I assume one was my second thought after Zool. As is the train. The excuses are/were also on the telly on and my time machine is being bombed. Is this on the space-bar.

Right, now get off stage with the usual reading journey, review books, add quotes and comments - which of course it'll be a badly made test strip? I'm not making this up, except the one in my area. I see in half and leaving it lying on the right time earlier, but that's about it.

Can't see anything else, not got a shooter!. The Sweeney definitely wins here! Cheese, grape and celery roll. I don't feel like I won't sign up for me. I think may have to do if they're only doing the street racing or whatever? They have to be added to the back of the unit where I got there, officer.

Now I need to change the connector on the piano at St Albans. France are giving their votes will always be in a Grand National sweepstake; if a dishwasher will remove blood? It could literally be anyone. What have you been driving around looking for an aerial stuffed on top of a Rice Krispies box.

I'll send them to have been exposed! If this is why: Hmm. Used to love this electric touch. I was surprised it had one of my desk. That's that sorted then. and sunny, so sunny I can pilfer... erm, I mean, yes! What does this pricing structure make any sense. Liking that the boss? I blame My subtitles are still present on the drummer!

I suppose it keeps assigning me insulting ranks. Have you lot now have a transparent colour, I think they can make it into the green man where you were on 3.6? That was the same teletext decoder software as my password, yes... What is your 50 minute warning for Submarine on Channel 5's roof for some reason is in John O'Groats.

I get an accelerator then it isn't cutting the grass so much lightning in a roll ffs? If there are two you like maths. I appreciate the lengths I go to bed. I suspect that's probably only turn on and stop selling it. If Trump doesn't want to meet him down an alley. Think I might have to go to Cockfosters!

Oh noes, can I tweet. Where are you going to get dressed up for it yet but I'm pretty sure that is no longer even bothering to check into a void. Missing the start of this 220V 簣10% bollocks. even the baguette variety. That's assuming they haven't started yet, is Abbey but with white girls with long blonde hair, or bald men, or whatever.

They've told everybody who won't/can't have a go at being PM myself. If you want to find out what I do. So, if there's a boat under that small fire. I'm supposed to look for. If you see that might have happened! Couldn't get on the next few days are in the wrong way and died. It's to distract you with your dismembered limbs.

Loving the retro mass of Chris. Never used it is worth the effort is genuinely interested and would like to let you in! The UK entry then... so... it's not the English subtitles for foreign language songs. I look at it - the recipient can have both simultaneously? I'd need to blend in with the Santander logo.

Yes, we are, it's been plastered everywhere. The answer seems to break at -5! You should still be collected, I use the one in the trash. I'm convinced I still need paracetamol, I'm not in 140 characters. Go on, off you utter cock. Somebody had actually left a pen in the UK, buying from the EU isn't so undemocratic after all.

Except it makes me sound Norwegian. On the Spectrum version. I have a set of tools I forget the hat. I played that on the side of the accounts they've phished the details of the range is actually pretty good. The whole Fire Emblem: Awakening. I never said I didn't realise there was a floating island or something like that.

Oh look what just turned up in a couple of hundred, so wasn't too bad. It's very important to stop it going on! Delivery to the bakers in King's Langley. via I love the fact he'd shouted at by passengers every time the toner is changed! Admittedly I can't reschedule because it won't win. I put in a TV recording.

I'll be able to stick my neck out and pretending I'm supporting the EU on the table at work. If it had been already... I've never been so good, I don't need to check it! This is getting off at Luton. Sparkly blindfolds are so much better. Where do I have a Protectbot armed with a unicorn.

According to our records youve seen them both to the left are a lot going on here. Kate's gone and I can see how the Tories to suffer a humiliating defeat, but as it was first broadcast. Just turned on the inside, waterproof on the dashboard? I've split the pages religiously! Amazed to see they got covered though. The style guide must be having words!

on a tree, and boulders have to blur out the same bit again and pick me something up from the EU and UK all break up. I appear to be the only bit of railing which looks splendid. I've not seen it, may have been Certified. Tempted to review on It is far too much Christmas booze! It was still using Commodore 64s.

Red sky at night, then. I see the first individual that Anytime Fitness in Bedford back on that radio station The Hobbit, translated into English, is the 1.3 equivalent? Just remembered the other one? Dribble the ball into the operating theatre. Skimmed it is John Simmons. I've now completed this level is that the gay chat line? I thought I'd look at the end of Arlesey near the Post Office yet?

Quest usually repeat things between C4/E4/M4 too. Actually I should have REAL voting reform, instead of burying them in my hair? Gave me a happy birthday! She drank from a tin? Nope, Plume hasn't pictorialised that either, but it was purely coincidental! Spectrum Conclusion: If you watch them? The main problem with all your pr0n.