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Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy and comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him.

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I should set up another test account on a *key instance. There should be some open Firefish or Iceshrimp servers around somewhere

Oh, that's interesting: Takahe is able to *follow* my WordPress blog with ActivityPub, but posts show up as from "(unknown user)" instead of

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Source of the famous “Now you have two problems” quote
Jamie Zawinski in 1997, paraphrasing David Tillbrook around 1985, whose quote about AWK was used as a signature by John Myers as early as 1988.

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What do GNOME Online Accounts Do?

It's not obvious which services GNOME will use from each provider. Here's where to find it.

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If you're a admin, you're going to want to apply the latest security patch as soon as possible.

Checking in (insert Spamusement reference here)

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The best photo of a I've ever seen.

(The big blue ball. That one.)

(seen on Bluesky but I couldn't find the post linking to it when I scrolled back looking for it.)

Posting to see how far it'll go.

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Picts or it didn't happen.

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Astronomers have observed the exoplanet Beta Pictoris b almost long enough to catch a full orbit!

In this new video, the planet (the blue dot) orbits around its host star. The bright star is blocked by a coronagraph (the black disk) so we can see the faint light from the planet.

It was made by interpolating between 30 frames of data taken over 17 years from the Gemini Planet Imager, VLT/NACO, and VLT/SPHERE.

Credit: Jason Wang & Malachi Noel

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@kellylepo wow...I remember when Beta Pictoris was "well, it might have planets, but we can't tell yet."

And now we have video!

Is this thing on?

Flowering mallows of some kind, growing between the sidewalk and a wall.


I love the expression on this warning sign on a laundromat washing machine.

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@neilk Oh crap, that's almost certainly true.

LLM hallucination is currently seen as a problem for developers

But the products that succeed in this era won't be the ones that somehow suppress all hallucination.

They will be the ones that successfully pass on the cost of hallucination to users

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Checking to see what mentioning a bookwyrm user from Takahe does without following

I don't know who needs to hear this, but never give your Social Security number to an anime waifu.

Ein Spatz
Zilpzalp im Blütenmeer

thinking about how "well, the wayback machine has it archived" shouldn't have to be the best possible end result for websites that are a vast trove of collective knowledge when corporate interests take them under

And my Akkoma account doesn't see this post either.

Hmm, Takahe and Akkoma think they're following each other, but I don't see any of my Akkoma posts here.